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Bierman Mediation International

Bierman Mediation International is a mediation based dispute resolution service. Getting the parties to yes is what Bierman does best. 

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Mediation is one of several methods for conflict resolution and using it early on can prevent cases being unnecessarily escalated, diminishing the need for legal action. 

Bierman Mediation provides both in-person and online mediation so that you can keep your cases moving during COVID-19.

Reaching across the divide to resolve disputes

While it is acknowledged that mediation isn’t the answer to all conflict resolution, it is appropriate for most cases and has a high success rate in reaching resolution. 

Why not let David Bierman help you resolve your dispute today?


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For nearly thirty years, David Bierman provided focused, highly effective legal representation to individuals, businesses, insurance companies and their insureds, and other organizations throughout the United States who were involved in civil litigation.

Because Mr. Bierman represented plaintiffs as well as defendants, he developed a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the litigation process to all parties in any dispute. This breadth and depth of experience and understanding enables him to very effectively assess each party’s position in a case and to proactively guide the parties through the process of mediation to the successful resolution of their cases.



A mediator helps the parties delve into the underlying issues of the disagreement, explore the options, and resolve the dispute. 


So, what are the attributes of a good mediator?


  • Active listening

  • Creativity

  • Credibility

  • Dedication

  • Impartiality

  • Intuition

  • Patience

  • Perceptiveness

  • Perseverance

  • Persuasiveness

  • Relatability

  • Trustworthiness

“Legal and factual issues underlying the dispute are discussed, not ignored. After all, facts and details matter. I focus on driving consensus in all rooms until settlement is achieved. All voices are heard throughout the process. If follow up is needed to resolve the case after the live session, I follow up until resolution is achieved.”

- David Bierman

Bierman Mediation International


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“Thank you again for your Herculean efforts. I knew you were good at this, but this was other-level stuff. 


You did an amazing job getting this one resolved, and I especially appreciated your light touch with my clients. They were so frustrated and discouraged with how things were shaping up – but you kept them in the game and gave them hope. They were thrilled when you brought it home. They know how hard you worked and so do I. 

So, thank you.”

- Chris N.

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