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Online Mediation


As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, Bierman Mediation International launched a secure, online, user-friendly platform that facilitates physical distancing between participants and eliminates the need for in-person mediation. 


  • Zoom’s videoconferencing solution provides meeting capabilities in a trusted setting that make it simple to join, collaborate and negotiate – whether you are on a desktop or mobile device. 

  • This virtual room concept includes all the tools necessary for a successful mediation – from HD video and audio – to breakout rooms for both plaintiffs and any number of party defendants. 

  • Zoom enables seamless and high-quality communication between parties and it’s free for participants to join the meeting.

  • Bierman Mediation will utilize online mediation exclusively until state and federal social distancing guidelines are removed.


Keep your cases moving while the courts are stalled. You and your clients can get closure now. Contact us today to schedule your video conferencing mediation.

“I was impressed with how well the video mediation went and especially with the virtual room concept. It was very impressive that Mr. Bierman could virtually appear in our designated virtual room like an in-person mediation, leave when we requested him to do so and re-appear when we were ready to talk again.  

I am seriously considering using this mediation method after the world goes back to normal. Mr. Bierman did a great job getting the case settled and it felt like an in-person mediation in every way.”

- Thad M.

“I have worked with David on two occasions this year. One was for the defense and the other was for the plaintiff – both with positive results from the mediation. I found David to be professional and effective as a mediator. I especially appreciate his straightforward approach and detailed analysis. 


For both of the cases, it was the first litigation/mediation experience for my clients and David made it easy for them to understand and participate in the process. 


The second mediation was via videoconferencing, due to the COVID19 crisis, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the process. I have no reservations in recommending David as a mediator and am likely to engage his services in the future.” 

- Kenneth C.

"My firm recently used Bierman Mediation. I was immediately impressed by David Bierman’s resourcefulness by way of video mediation. By employing his virtual room concept, Mr. Bierman successfully observed the current federal social distancing guidelines, while still maintaining the integrity and efficiency of in-person mediation.


His proficiency in integrating technology with his skills as a mediator optimized the process. With this concept, Mr. Bierman was able to provide us with the necessary discretion to discuss privileged information with our client, and return once we established a rejoinder to the other party.


My firm is grateful to Mr. Bierman for helping us reach a resolution on the assigned case. He did a fantastic job as a mediator and we look forward to using his services for future cases."

- Deola L.

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